Siblings Chit Chat
Walking many steps behind GerGer and BoiBoy, I smiled at the heartwarming sight of them so engrossed in their chit-chat. DeeDee and I have insisted on "no phone nor tablet games" rule for them since young, and I guess this is the fruit of your decision and persistence. They are not addicted to games when we are out. Instead, they have endless topics to chat about, they genuinely interact, which is what we longed for. A real relationship exists only when there is genuine interaction. They can fight and argue daily, but they make up and have so much fun and topics to chat about. The sight was so touching to me, I had to capture it on camera. I have heard that many Secondary Schools in Singapore expect students to hold a smart phone because the teachers communicate with them via WhatsApp. I hope this will … Read More Siblings Chit Chat