Motherhood – Fun Race
The children are having their school holidays now. I conducted classes at home for the past weeks to keep the children occupied, so AhMa (and DeeDee, on his off-work days) could take a nap while the classes were in session. As Christmas draws near, I am be busier with business and on days I don't have class materials (no time to prepare *sob*), I bring them downstairs for some physical fun. (Fun for the children, tiring for MeeMee). It's weird that I get tired but I don't lose any weight. *Big Sigh* AhMa always offers to join us whenever we go downstairs so she can help me watch the children. *Awww* DeeDee often enjoys his naps happily, while we keep the children entertained. *Double Sigh* Dad versus Mom. Welcome to Motherhood, MeeMee! Be Sociable, Share! … Read More Motherhood – Fun Race