Motherhood and Business in the year 2015
The year 2015 is coming to an end very soon. GerGer has completed her Primary 1 and BoiBoy has graduated from Kindergarten this year. This is also the year we sold off our business setup, at the right time and price. On the domestic side, we have sacked our helper as we found out she was meeting her boyfriend while she lied to us about needing time off to run emergency errands. It has been a rough year. Wait a minute, which has hasn't been rough on me after I started my Motherhood Journey? Hmmm.... I seldom rant here, but I think I need to let out a little here this Season. My apologies to followers to hates to read rants. GerGer's Primary One Journey GerGer teared at the school gate for the entire period in Term 1 when I sent her to school. My heart sank each time … Read More Motherhood and Business in the year 2015