Marble and Bubble – Parenting Negative Emotions
BoiBoy is challenging and interesting to parent. He is a wonderful boy. Caring, loving and always giving. Times when I fell ill, he would lie beside me just to accompany me. He is always giving me positive hugs for no reason. Whenever we finish a meal at the food court or market, and everyone walks off while I pack the water bottles and pack of tissue paper into my bag, he would wait for me (so loving). He has his colourful side. His emotions are abundant. He gets angry easily and fast, but he forgets the reason as fast. He gets upset and then shuts up for a long time, and it was not easy for us to handle as he was not talking. Three years ago, I started manifesting daily. Credit goes to Colette Streicher, the founder of Manifesting All Possibilities … Read More Marble and Bubble – Parenting Negative Emotions