Hula Hoops in Singapore
Are you a mother, wishing you could trim or tighten your waistline? I jog to tighten my leg muscles and burn some fats, but it only helps tighten my tummy muscles a tiny bit. I used to do crunches, but I get lazy. Well, I guess I am not a crunches person. Recently, a friend brought Health Hula Hoops into Singapore. She is May Lim, a mother of three wonderful children. I call her "pretty mummy" because she is smart, hardworking, has a beautiful face and very fair skin. Women never stop wanting to be more beautiful. She was looking for ways to trim down her waistline, and this got her started on Hula Hooping. The Hula Hoop exercises not only helped her tightened her tummy, but also strengthened her core muscles. Though Hula Hoops are popular in Europe, it is not as popular in Singapore. Hoping to … Read More Hula Hoops in Singapore