How to draw a cute flamingo [with Dagi Stylus, and Procreate on iPad]
I received a lot of encouragement on my first non-professional Demo Video on the use of Dagi Stylus P702. A dear friend suggested I demonstrate how to draw some of my latest art works (I do art works used for other purpose), and I decided to do the one on a cartoon flamingo. The artwork on the big-head character I drew was prompted when GerGer suggested to have a pink flamingo cake, since she likes pink (though she also likes blue after watching the Frozen movie by Disney). My apologies for doing a Demo despite not having any professional skills. I hope that non professionals will also see the usefulness of drawing with Dagi Stylus. I enjoy it and I hope to share this. Hope you like the Demo. Keep your suggestions coming in ! Be Sociable, Share! … Continue reading →