Happy New Year, 2013!
2012 has flown by in a flash. For the last ten over years, January is the time I reflect on my career achievements and prepare my pointers in my yearly appraisal form. I recall feeling lousy during the years I was pregnant, seeing no outstanding achievements in my appraisal forms. One of my superiors reminded me that going through my second pregnancy (after my miscarriage) successfully and being a Mother to a little baby girl was my biggest accomplishment then. I paused, and was tongue tied at the comment which was so true. I have lost sight of my life goals, putting only my career in sight. But it did not make me move to the right path yet. After I gave birth to my boy, when my girl was 15 months old, I felt a little lost. I was upset that the company I had worked so hard for initially refused to allow … Read More Happy New Year, 2013!