Old Hong Kong’s floss-topped carrot cake, and fried fish skin
It's been a little more than a year since I last met my university junior, someone I call my little sister because our English names rhyme and we share the same last name. We lost touch after we graduated and thanks to Facebook, we got connected again. We are now closer as we are both mothers and we share our inner thoughts about motherhood and we spur one another on. Our recent catchup was at Raffles City, a restaurant named Old Hong Kong. It sells Dim Sum; my favourite cuisine, being a half Cantonese. I brought GerGer along as she was having her one week of school holiday. Would have brought BoiBoy along too, if I was able to handle both of them myself (I'm still working hard at crossing this hurdle). There were two dishes we found interesting and tasty: (1) Floss-topped Chinese-style carrot cake The mixture of … Continue reading →