GerGer’s first Sand Art Piece
"My (MeeMee's) niece is at our place on weekdays when her parents are working. I have decided to name her BayBee in my blog. She is the youngest; three months younger than my boy (BoiBoy)." It was the last day of the school term this year, and BayBee bought back from school, all her schoolwork from the pre-nursery class. One piece of art work attracted GerGer's attention. From where I was seated, it looked like a green outline of a fish. It was displayed on a cabinet top, amongst other works, waiting for BayBee's mother to bring home. "MeeMee come and see this!" screamed GerGer. "Aloysius gave me something similar during his birthday celebration in school last week!" GerGer exclaimed. MeeMee walked over to look at the fish outline. It was sand art. MeeMee never did any sand art pieces in her … Read More GerGer’s first Sand Art Piece