Exaggerated Emotions? This is WHY
I was at gathering one day and there were children and adults. A friend commented that the children appeared so tiny physically compared to adults, and my reply made me understand my own thoughts better. "That is why their emotions must exaggerate to match the size of adults" was my impromptu reply. This made my friend paused a think. And it inspired me to write about this. Often our children display exaggerated emotions due to fear, and insecurities. They scream on the top if their voices, roll on the floor with anger, or even hit others. Yes, insecurities is a deep topic and to a child, it is very simplified. Their physical size, so tiny compared to adults already set up the feeling of insecurities in them. So as adults, as parents, it serves us well if we can keep this in … Read More Exaggerated Emotions? This is WHY