Eco Friendly Cute Torch for Children
What is the coolest toy amongst children these days? iPads, iPhones, Play Stations, or the popular Nexus perhaps. I have been putting barriers to exposing my children to these gadgets and I hope they learn social skills when they are young, instead of hiding in a corner playing Angry Birds Game, or other Educational Games. A new toy which I bought for my children and niece fascinates me. Eco Friendly Cute Animal Torch! These are the reasons for my purchase: 1) Reasonably Priced: It's only 2% the of an iPad's cost. 2) Eco-Friendly: no batteries required 3) Educational tool: teach children about (a) saving energy, (b) usefulness of a torch during blackout emergencies or during night camping, (c) safety issues during blackout. 4) Social Skills facilitator: children can play … Read More Eco Friendly Cute Torch for Children