Drawing is contagious
MeeMee loves to draw since young. DeeDee dislikes drawing on the contrary. But recently DeeDee started doodling after seeing MeeMee coach GerGer and BoiBoy drawing, and after being forced to give comments on MeeMee's doodles for her blog posts (oops!). For a person who dislikes drawing since young, DeeDee did really well in this piece of drawing. Drawing is contagious. MeeMee is very happy to see DeeDee's drawing and GerGer gave him 5 hearts on the back of the drawing because, "I don't know how to draw stars.", says GerGer. Have a question on how to teach your children simple drawing? Share it here! Be Sociable, Share! Share this:PinterestFacebookEmailTwitterGoogleLinkedInTumblrRedditPrint