Day 4 – Antibiotics
Tonight's dose of antibiotics is Day 4 of the course. Each time I take out the medicine box from the kitchen cabinet, I feel nervous as if I am going to take an exam, or going for a roller coaster ride; not knowing what to expect. Since yesterday morning, I started a routine of mixing his antibiotics with rose syrup, and pumped it up with a syringe. The syringe will be in a plate together with a small bowl of his favorite raisins to take away the bitterness from the antibiotics. Before going into the room, I would bring along his water bottle, two pieces of tissue and two baby square towels. With all these on the floor, I then bring my boy into the room. I feel uneasy, uncertain. My boy would cry and say "I don't want this!" pointing to the medicine, and I respond with a lie that I will throw it away. I … Read More Day 4 – Antibiotics