Dagi Stylus P702 Demo Video
The children's writing table was there. GerGer was using it a while ago when I coached her with the loads of school homework she had. It has not been kept by my domestic helper. It was just there, as if waiting for me to do something on it. I took out my iPad4, and decided to do my very own Demo Video for the Dagi Stylus P702 which I have been selling for years. My live drawing skills sucks. Alright, I know that adding the "live" word doesn't help me hide my lousy drawing skills. I have been, and will be working hard on my drawing skills. I promise! The video was done solely to show the performance of Dagi Stylus P702 in the hands of a wannabe illustrator like me. Argh! When will I become a professional illustrator? Ok, I will stop dreaming. So there is the video! And I sincerely apologies … Read More Dagi Stylus P702 Demo Video