Confused about phonics?
Ever since my previous blog post about " Marrying the Letterland Characters with Phonemic Chart", I am glad to have received various requests for the materials. However, many in my circle of mothers have responded that they do not understand what I have written. I figured that my earlier blog post might be too technical for those who do not know what phonics, or phonemes are. In this blog post, I will attempt to put in simple terms what these are all about. In the English language there are 43 sounds based on the Phoneme Chart (19 vowel sounds and 24 consonant sounds). Phonemes (i.e. sounds) in English are just like "Hanyu Pinyin" in Mandarin. They represent the sounds for words in the language; they help us pronounce words. The 43 sounds are internationally represented by weird looking symbols which … Read More Confused about phonics?