My boy was super sticky to me this morning. He wanted me to bring him downstairs to watch the workers cut grass like we did yesterday. But the grass needs cutting only once in a few months. 🙁 So I had to lie. I suggested a bath before we went down. He wanted me to bathe him, in my master bedroom toilet. I did. I didn't want to leave my girl behind so I told him we should wait. My girl wanted me to bathe her too, at the same spot her brother bathed. My boy refused to let me off insisting that I carried him. Luckily my girl was willing to let my helper bathe her. Phew! Off we went for a walk. I usually could manage both kids alone so I didn't ask my helper along. Little did I expect us to wander into a Lunar New Year celebration at a nearby Community Centre. It was crowded and warm. My boy wanted me to carry him from the … Read More Celebration