Calmness? or Emotional Drainage?
Sounds from chirping birds soothe the minds. The gentle wind cools the air, and Vanilla smell fills the hall. MeeMee brings out a tall plate of pancakes, as the children finished brushing up with DeeDee's help. Everyone got ready for breakfast just in time. "Thank you MeeMee for breakfast!" the children's voices filled MeeMee's heart with warmth. I had imagined parenthood to children of ages four and three to be mostly calm and peaceful. The truth smacked me with many spurts of hair-pulling, and emotionally draining episodes almost daily. "More! More! More!" shouted my children, as I cut out "money" from thick paper for them play and get familiarized with the concept of money. Not a single word of gratitude was uttered. The mood got more intense. "Be patient." I exclaimed. "We have … Read More Calmness? or Emotional Drainage?