Breakfast for the family
After almost two years of wanting to buy a non-stick pan, I finally got the green light from my dear hubby. Long story on his purchase logic, which I briefly mentioned in the earlier bicycle post. I'm happy he got me one 3 weeks ago. I was jumping with joy; my friends and colleagues didn't understand how a simple purchase of a common kitchen utensil can make me fly to the moon. I made pancakes last weekend. They were snapped up by my family and I'm very happy it was simple and tasty! This morning, I made breakfast. I had wanted to make western style scrambled eggs for the longest time, but without a non-stick pan, there wasn't much I could do. No more wait!!! My first scrambled eggs (no milk added) with ham was a success! The side dishes were a good first attempt; fried potatoes with onions and … Read More Breakfast for the family