To the Mom Tribe - More Claremore
To the Mom Tribe: The sleepless mom Messy-haired mom Bags-under-your-eyes mom Baby-crying-at-2-am mom The disaster-house mom Weeks-worth-of-laundry mom Sticky-floors, bulging-closet-doors mom The always-worried mom I-hope-he’s-ok mom I-so-don’t-got-this, Heart-on-your-sleeve mom The 9-to-5 mom 10-to-6 mom Stay-at-home mom The suit-or-slippers-wearing, we’re-all-really-24-hour moms The chauffer mom I-can’t-my-kid-has-practice mom Soccer-baseball-football-volleyball mom Loud-cheering, team-colors-wearing, I’m-all-in mom What’s for dinner, Mom?Read More