My Main Method Now: Chaturbate Whitelabel | Make Money With Smoot
Last time I wrote I told you what I been into and why I haven't updated this site. I also told you I was going to reveal to you the method I been working on for the past year that currently is bringing me in $1695 a month! I'll be honest though I was hesitant to share this where is adult oriented and I don't want it to get out what I do to friends and family . Yet adult or porn oriented things are still the most searched subject on the internet so its probably true even though most won't admit most people are viewing it or looking at it. That makes it one of the most profitable things out there! I first posted this method on When I first posted the method I was only making $650 a month now I have about tripled that and hopefully in about another year I will have tripled that! I use the Chaturbate Whitelabel. Chaturbate is the #1 site for cams and most people will tell you, referrals usually stick around for a long time. So let's get down to business and show you how