Using Twitter Cards To Drive Traffic To Your Website | Make Money With Smoot
If you are like anyone else in the internet marketing world the one thing you are wanting is traffic. That's what we all want isn't? I recently discovered a way to get more people to my website using twitter. It's not much of a method but I have saw click through rates go up a lot just using twitter cards. Twitter cards is according to twitter is used to drive more traffic to your website. Have you saw those post on twitter that show a pic and a small description of pic then you click on it and it takes you right to the website? If so that website uses twitter cards. I just started using it myself and some of my adult websites are using it so I can't show you an example but you can check out twitter's link by clicking here. What I will tell you is the method I've been doing to get traffic on autopilot. It's not hard at all, but you have to have a wordpress site set up for this to work. The first thing I do is set up an iftt account. It's fast and it's free and I love that site. It