How To Get A Backlink From Apple | Make Money With Smoot
Hey guys and I hope all is well. Sorry I haven't wrote anything in the past couple of weeks I've been really busy. My internet marketing job is finally mixing in with my day job! My boss discovered that I have knowledge on how to build an email list and how to rank sites. Since then I've been devoting a lot of my time to ranking his website. While I've been checking out how to rank his website I figured out how to gain some major backlink's. One of the backlinks I figured out how to get was Apple is acourse one of the biggest websites in the world and I don't know all the metrics and stuff but I know I would want to have my website to have some relationship with the site. The method itself is pretty simple and you don't have to have in technical know how. You just have to know how to create a profile which is really easy. So I believe this backlink is helping move the website I been working on up in the search engines. I will admit this has not showed up in