Road to Guilt Free Working Parents - Working. Traveling. Mom.
Family Matters The number one priority in your life is your family. Isn't this one of the main reasons why we work so hard at our careers? You, like me at times, may feel a strong sense of guilt being a working mom (or Dad). Family matters! I want to share some facts and help you become a guilt free working parent. Hopefully we are in a position to be following our passion when it comes to our careers, that is ideal, but we do what we have to contribute and feel some self worth and reward. Having passions and goals or purpose coincide is of great pursuit throughout life and is entirely a different topic! So here we are, spending time away from our little ones, and the minute we even start preparing to walk out the door, the stress levels begin to soar and I, personally, worry if I can make the escape each and every time. Tips For Guilty Feeling Parents Try not to be too hard on yourself. Give yourself a break and remind yourself that you are contributing to the nest so that your