Reserve Crew – Planning Nightmare - Working. Traveling. Mom.
Reserve month has arrived, as always, by surprise. Planning becomes something of a challenge. Being as organized as possible and exuding flexibility will go hand-in-hand; ready for play by play changes. My flight attendant roster offers a "reserve" month, every 7 months or so. I am on call on a daily basis and my trips dictate my time randomly. There is no opportunity for rigid planning and I must be ready for upcoming school events, school lunches, sports drop off, meal options and anything else that may arise. Ah, but I DO see opportunity! It is a chance to get way ahead of the game. I can prepare the entire month and get my calendar working for me. I can embrace this force of having to be proactively and completely organized. For once, I can sit back and enjoy the "I have it together," feeling! My support team; Husband and Nanny, won't know what hit them. Sunny days, afterall. Firstly, I must comb my emails and schedule all school events onto my iPhone; complete with