How to Travel With A Toddler - Working. Traveling. Mom.
Laugh at the things that don't go quite right and think about the big picture - you are fortunate to have health, happiness and family and are going on a trip!! Holiday Travel Time: This Flight Attendant Knows It's that time of year; time to travel with your young children. Whether it is travel by car or by air, or any type of transport for that matter, travelling with a toddler can be really tough, really exhausting and demands that you be prepared every step of the way. Really! Think You Are Prepared? Great to double check! May I suggest being "over-prepared"! You never know what will be ahead of you and all comforts of home, routine and resources are no longer options. Travel Tips For Parents With Toddlers There are many challenges when it comes to travelling with a two year old. Preparation for travel helps make your life easier, and frankly, is a MUST! Forward thinking and having many options on hand is the key to a successful transport with children of all ages, My family