A More Challenging Life? Tell Me A Better Life? Are you a working mom or dad? A travelling executive? Are you away from your family for any given amount of time, either for the day, the weekend or the week and face challenges, like me and so many career parents? Challenges that bring guilt of being away from little ones and our best friends; our partners! Challenges that I could list until the end of this month or more including childcare, when did that tooth emerge? Am I giving enough time to baby and to my partner? What community support do I have? How do I continue at my job that is a contributor to the nest and a passion of mine and balance where I am needed? I am not here to regress into the past of the "times" of our mothers' mothers. We have moved on. The decades have passed and career mothers have prevailed, (and failed, but that is ok!). Onward - we have people's blessings in, er... the Western world. Or forget blessings - be the best person you can be. Do this everyday!