Why Malwarebytes decided to participate in AV testing | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Starting this month, Malwarebytes began participating in the antivirus software for Windows comparison test performed by This is uncharted territory for us, as we have refrained from participating in these types of tests since our inception. Although recent testing results show Malwarebytes protecting against more than 97 percent of web vector threats and detecting and removing 99.5 percent of malware during a scan on any machine, we still maintain reservations about the entire testing process. Why participate now? In the past, we've avoided AV comparison tests because we felt their methods did not allow us to demonstrate how our product works in a real environment. By testing only a small portion of our product's technologies, AV comparison tests are often unable to replicate Malwarebytes' overall effectiveness. However, we understand the importance of independent reviews for those considering a Malwarebytes purchase, so we decided to participate. Malwarebytes is not a