When spyware goes mainstream | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Stealware. Surveillanceware. Stalkerware. These are terms alternately used to effectively identify a file-based threat that has been around since 1996: spyware. More than two decades later, consumer or commercial spyware has gone mainstream, and the surprising number of software designed, openly marketed, and used for spying on people is proof of that. Forget the government, nation-states, private agencies, and law enforcement. Normal, ordinary citizens can now wield powerful surveillance software and use it against any target they wish—all thanks to "legitimate" companies like mSpy, Retina-X, FlexiSpy, Family Orbit, TheTruthSpy, and others. While the spyware they market can be placed in the hands of employers who want to keep tabs on employees while in the workplace, or in the hands of parents who want to look after their kids, it can also be placed in the hands of stalkers, abusive partners, or someone who just wants to get a leg up in the divorce proceedings. Spyware: spotting the