WhatsApp fix goes live after targeted attack on human rights lawyer | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
If you use WhatsApp, you'll want to update both app and device as soon as possible due to a freshly-discovered exploit. The vulnerability was found in Google Android, Apple iOS, and Microsoft Windows Phone builds of the app. Unlike many mobile attacks, potential victims aren't required to install or click on anything—they may not even be aware something malicious has taken place. This attack came to light after CitizenLab suspected a human rights lawyer was being targeted, and after observing, deduced that they were, but the attacks were blocked by the fixes WhatsApp put in place. We should stress these are smart, high-level attacks and not typically rolled out to target random people. No need to start panicking. Just apply fixes as required, and go about your day. What typically happens with a mobile attack? A large portion of mobile attacks usually involve some form of social engineering. Mobile manufacturers insist customers use their own closed ecosystem store to lessen the risk of