Week in security (April 30 – May 6) | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Last week on Labs, we examined the Spartacus ransomware, reported about a new tactic used by the Necurs malspam campaign, informed you about the recommended Twitter password change, and discussed engaging students to start considering careers in cybersecurity. Other news NTML credentials can be stolen via malicious Portable Document Format (PDF) files without any user interaction. (Source: SecurityWeek) Twitter sold data access to a Cambridge Analytica-linked researcher. (Source: Bloomberg) FacexWorm targets cryptocurrency users by spreading through Facebook Messenger. (Source: Security Affairs) New DNS encryption tools accelerate privacy online. (Source: HelpNetSecurity) IoT security: Is cryptocurrency-mining malware your next big headache? (Source: ZDNet) Companies from across the tech spectrum are lining up to protest the measure that would allow them to "hack back" with offensive initiatives in the face of a cyberattack. (Source: ThreatPost) Drive-by Rowhammer attack uses GPU to