WannaDecrypt your files? The WannaCry solution, for some | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
We just wanted to shoot out a quick blog post to let you know about a decryptor (Wanakiwi) that has been developed for WannaCry/WannaCrypt/wCrypt. There is a catch though, it only works for the following operating systems: Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista Windows Server 2008 Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows 7 So if you've got a WannaCry infection on one of the above operating systems, there is hope! IMPORTANT: The decryptor is only going to work if you haven't restarted the infected system and you haven't killed the ransomware process (should be wnry.exe or wcry.exe) so please don't restart or kill the process if you want to get those files back! Usage In order to use this tool, you first need to download it from here. This tool essentially searches the system's memory for prime numbers and pieces together the encryption key used. However, it relies on current running memory so once you reboot it will be gone and if you've done too much on the system since infection, it's