Tune Your System With System Mechanic Professional | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Your system starts to slow down a few months after you purchased it. What could be causing it? Viruses? Spyware? Junk files? Memory not getting released by poorly designed programs? How about obsolete registry entries? How about all of the above? If so, what can be done about this situation? I first tested System Mechanic Professional in 2006 and was impressed by its ability to do batch system optimizations and repairs, ones you could schedule after hours. When I remembered to keep the machine on, the scheduled actions took place. When my machine began to slow down, I realized the Total Care batch program hadn't been run in awhile, due to my negligence. Now, among the new release's impressive features is real-time optimization, which occurs as you use your computer (more accurately, when it's idle). This means that you can specify that it scan the system for such problems as restoring memory that sloppy programs failed to release, recovering space from temporary Windows clutter, and