Traditional AV solutions shown ineffective in real-time global heat map | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
It's no secret that antivirus technology (AV) has faced increased scrutiny in the tech industry for quite some time. With signature-based detection methods, traditional AV solutions are simply weak against unknown malware and other malicious content. Meanwhile, consumers and businesses continue to trust AV solutions to protect their devices. So, how ineffective are they and what's the risk to users? "Testing" of AV platforms has become increasingly popular as a multitude of solutions, based on the same core technologies, have flooded the market. Those that perform well under these parameters tout the results as a stamp of approval. However, the true value of these tests is yet to be determined, as malware in the wild behaves in a manner significantly different from laboratory samples – even recently captured samples apprehended in security honeypots. However, one way to truly gauge the effectiveness of today's traditional AV solutions is by analyzing real-world data. So, we did just