Tomorrowland festival goers affected by data breach | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Tomorrowland, a major international music festival, has revealed a data breach potentially affecting around 60,000 attendees. This one is a little different though, as the data accessed without permission isn't recent. In fact, it dates back four years to an event long since come and gone. According to a Tomorrowland spokesperson, the managers of the Paylogic ticketing system noticed "unusual activity" on an older server. This server contained data for the 2014 event, but the hackers left everything else alone. "Sensitive" versus "not sensitive" The hacked server is now offline, and anyone potentially affected should have been made aware of what's going to happen next. As with most breaches, it involves notification emails and a helpful set of suggestions for cybersecurity best practices. Accounts conflict about what specifically was breached, accessed, and stolen in the Tomorrowland attack. This may be due to primary news sources being in languages other than English, and things are