The many faces of omnichannel fraud | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
The rise of new technologies, social networks, and other means of online communication have brought about compelling changes in industries across the board. For example, in retail, organizations use digital tools such as websites, email, and apps to reach out to their current and potential clients, anticipate their needs, and fully tailor their business strategies around making the user shopping experience as positive, seamless, frictionless, and convenient as possible. This is the heart of the omnichannel approach. And while the foreseen outcome may sound lovely in the ears of consumers and businesses, it's actually easier said than done. A lot of planning, executing, aligning of goals and core values, and—most importantly to us—securing is involved. As for the organizations who have adopted this approach, a majority of them believe that they don't have adequate tools and measures in place to protect their businesses against fraud in the omnichannel environment. What is omnichannel?