The digital entropy of death: link rot | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Hot on the heels of a grim blog about digital death comes…another blog about digital death. Except in this case, the recently deceased would be the links that tie the web together, otherwise known as link rot. Link rot is a weird thing. Say I blog for Puppy Chow and I write an article about the best dog shows. For one of my examples, I link to an article with the URL "fabulous-puppy-show.html." Since I'm Puppy Chow, my product has a decent shelf-life and my blog sticks around for a while. But now, if readers stumble upon that original Puppy Chow article and click on my example link, they land on a page about "Top 10 laptops of 2018." What gives? Over time, websites get taken offline, or companies start to run out of server space and delete old articles, or (arguably worse) they simply add new, unrelated content to old URL links (Hence best laptops on a page with "puppy show" in the URL). One suspects some sites replace content on old URLs rather than create new ones because the URL as