The Day the Internet Died | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Okay, so I admit the title is a bit misleading and alarmist, but lots of folks will agree this was a bad day to try and use the internet. This is because today there was a massive DDoS attack that targeted one of the DNS providers that acts as a backbone for the internet, especially in the western part of the world. The DNS provider targeted is called "DynDNS" and as mentioned before, acts as a backbone for many western web surfers. You can read about what happened all over news websites that you can still access. So rather than rehash everything you can read about by actual journalists, I am here to tell you how to get around not being able to access your favorite sites by changing your DNS settings on your computer. Now be warned, this is moderately technical and if you happen to make changes that makes the problem worse, just walk backwards and undo what you did. First we are going to be using the DNS servers of OpenDNS which exist for problems like these and