Symbian Phone Spy Software: How I Saved My Marriage | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Ok, before I tell my story, I'll explain a bit what Symbian phone spy software is. First of all, all smart phones run on a specific operating system (think Windows vs Mac). The Symbian operating system is the most popular operating system for smart phones. Almost 1 in 2 telephones runs on it. Symbian phone spy software is a program that allows you to monitor the activity of a phone that runs on the Symbian operating system. Once installed on the phone, you go to the webpage of the Symbian phone spy software and you get information about the phone, such as the numbers that it has called, what the text messages that the phone has received say, where the phone is located on real time, etc. That's what Symbian phone spy software does. I never thought I would use it, but I did. Before getting married, I had a lot of problems with my family. Basically, I got discriminated because I´m a woman. My brothers had all the freedom and things they wanted. I had to stay at home because I was a girl.