SteelCon: Mahkra ni Orroz | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
I recently gave a talk at Sheffield's SteelCon, a huge security event spread over a few days with no end of interesting activities taking place. My presentation, called Makhra ni Orroz, is a good 45 minutes of non stop talking and pictures and things. It's also a bit different in terms of what I usually give presentations on, but to say anything more would spoil it. The below post won't make much sense unless you've already seen it – suffice to say, pulling off this type of talk presented me with a number of interesting creative decisions as to how to put the thing together. I thought it might be fun to look at some of those challenges, rather than just rehash the talk in text form. With that in mind, don't go any further unless you've set aside an hour or so then go watch the video. After that, come back and all the words will make a lot more sense. Effectively, this is a tale in two segments – the first deals with the initial takedown and struggle with people targeting support groups