Social media: A treasure trove of spam and scams | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
There are two kinds of spam associated with social media. There are spam ads that actually live on social media, and there is spam that comes in your inbox, courtesy of social media. Both thrive by using data from your social media accounts. But how do spammers know how to target you and send you the mails that you are most likely to click on? There is a real chance that you revealed that information yourself. To understand the relationship between the spam you get in your mailbox, your social media presence, and the ways that criminals try to scam users, you must first understand a few basic principles about how advertising works on social media. Interest-based advertising First of all, let's differentiate between the spam we see on social media and the spam that we get in the mail, but has a relationship with what we interact with on social media. Spam that we see on social media is called interest-based advertising, which we have talked about before. It is also known as personalized