Reputation management in the age of cyberattacks against businesses | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Avid readers of the Malwarebytes Labs Blog would know that we strive to prepare businesses of all sizes for the inevitability of cyber attacks. From effectively training employees about basic cybersecurity hygiene to guiding organizations in formulating an incident response (IR) program, a cybersecurity policy, and introducing an intentional culture of security, we aim to promote proactive prevention. However, there are times when organizations need to be reactive about some things. And one of these is business reputation management (BRM), a buzzword that refers to the practice of ensuring that organizations are always putting their best foot forward, online and offline, by constant monitoring and dealing with information and communications that help shape the public perception of a company. This is a process that executives must not miss out on, most especially when the company has found itself in the center of a media storm after disclosing a cybersecurity incident that has