PUP Friday: MPlayerX | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
MPlayerX began to be associated with malware about two years ago, or possibly even longer. Back in 2014, an emerging piece of adware that soon crossed the line to malicious behavior, called VSearch, was frequently associated with MPlayerX installers. At the time, many people assumed that MPlayerX was being used in the same manner that Adobe Flash Player often is – innocent software used to trick people into running a shady installer. MPlayerX began to be so synonymous with the VSearch adware that Google searches for "MPlayerX" began to show prominently-featured hits for "MPlayerX removal." Worse, it eventually became apparent that MPlayerX was not simply an innocent victim. In early 2015, MPlayerX wasn't being distributed with VSearch anymore. Unfortunately, this didn't turn out to be good news, as it was soon discovered that the official MPlayerX installer, downloaded directly from the MPlayerX website, had started to include the