PhoneSheriff Review | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
The creator of PhoneSheriff, Retina-X Studios, LLC recently announced that this software is now available for the Windows smart phones, iPhones, Androids and for the Blackberry too. The software is actually a parental control device where parents like you can easily monitor, restrict and filter phone calls that your children receive on your smart phones. You can also use the software as a way to block activities that are associated with specific phone numbers, as well as track your child's location from anywhere via the GPS chip installed in the phone. The PhoneSheriff application is completely stealthy, which means that the parents who own the software can see every single thing that their children do while using whatever smart phone they happen to own. This gives parents the ability to see any and all text messages that were sent and received from the phone, as well as see every phone call that was dialed and received. It can also show them every single video and picture that was