Phone spampocalypse: fighting back in the age of unwanted calls | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
When Nigel Guest, then president of the Council of Neighborhood Associations (CNA), sent an email with the subject line, "test," and the small letter "x" in its message body, the city of Berkeley, CA, went into a frenzy. You see, Mr. Guest thought he sent it only to himself, but he actually posted that terse email by accident to thousands of registered voters in the area. And thus, what is now known to locals as the Berkeley Spampocalypse was born. Some were understandably annoyed, angry—even threatening—while others took it with grace. Those in the latter group were able to organize a potluck picnic they called "CNA Survivor Picnic" that weekend at Ohlone Park. 70 residents turned up, had a blast, and capped off the event by handing Mr. Guest a can of Spam as a thank-you gift. Granted, not many spam stories have a happily ever after. In fact, many of us know that a positive outcome like typically doesn't happen at all. When it comes to spam, faces flush red, pupils dilate, and people