New 'Under the Radar' report examines modern threats and future technologies | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
As if you haven't heard it enough from us, the threat landscape is changing. It's always changing, and usually not for the better. The new malware we see being developed and deployed in the wild have features and techniques that allow them to go beyond what they were originally able to do, either for the purpose of additional infection or evasion of detection. To that end, we decided to take a look at a few of these threats and pick apart what about them makes them difficult to detect, remaining just out of sight and able to silently spread across an organization. Download: Under the Radar: The Future of Undetected Malware We then examine what technologies are unprepared for these threats, which modern tech is actually effective against these new threats, and finally, where the evolution of these threats might eventually lead. The threats we discuss: Emotet TrickBot Sorebrect SamSam PowerShell, as an attack vector While discussing these threats, we also look at where they are most