New UK legal guidelines for law enforcement and social media | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
The UK's Crown Prosecution Services (CPS) has recently updated its social media guidelines for prosecutors and law enforcement in an effort to aid them in deciding on whether charges can be pressed against internet users based on certain online behaviors. It was in December of 2012 when the CPS initially issued an interim guideline, which was said to cover the most common offenses committed within social media networks around that time. A final guideline was published within seven months. Two years after, the CPS promised to respond against stalking and credible threats of violence. The latest changes to the guideline include: Regulations against online activities like doxxing, the publishing of a target's personally identifiable information like home address and bank details Trolling, the act of deliberately inciting negative reactions or responses from others Virtual mobbing or dog-piling, the act of rallying or inciting others to harass an individual or group (e.g.