Monitor Your Teen's Mac | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
So you have a teenager...with a Mac. Then you will want to learn the facts about how to monitor a Mac computer. There's a website that offers reviews, articles and tips on how to pick the best software for your monitoring needs. It's an interactive website that allows parents to ask questions or leave comments. It's a place to find good information that will help you monitor your teens Mac. Some parents don't realize that if they have a Windows based computer they can still remotely monitor their teenager's Macintosh computer. There is even software that will allow you to connect to your teen's Mac LIVE - so you can see the activities while they are being performed. Mac Monitoring software is like having a surveillance camera aimed directly at their monitor. You see their emails, both sides of chats and instant messages; you can see what keywords they search for and what websites they visit. You can tell which applications they use and for how long. With today's technology it is very