Mobile Menace Monday: Ransomware targets Tencent users | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Early this April, an increase of infection rates by a variant of ransomware known as Android/Ransom.SLocker.fh was seen. Ransomware targets Tencent users An especially relevant trait of SLocker.fh is its use of Tenpay to send payment to the criminals. Tenpay is an integrated payment platform by Tencent — China's largest Internet service portals. Thus, it is no surprise that SLocker.fh originates from China. In order to pay, users must have a QQ ID to send payment; which is provided. Since Tencent's most popular platform is QQ Instant Messenger, the criminals are probably targeting these users the most. Various iterations to fool users Like many Android ransomware apps, SLocker.fh masquerades as various legitimate apps to fool users into accepting escalated rights. Users who accept the escalated rights will have their device forced to reboot. After reboot, users will have their device locked with overlaying screen with instructions to pay. Click to view slideshow. Click to view