Mobile Menace Monday: Pokemon NO NO | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Mobile Menace Monday is a bi-monthly entry to the Malwarebytes Labs wherein our Android OS security experts highlight the specific dangers of certain apps for today's adaptable and heavily connected users. Expect mentions of bad apps, feedback to Android news, and some practical mobile security wisdom. To nobody's surprise, a new mobile Trojan has been found using the popular game Pokémon Go as bait. First spotted in mid-August, this Trojan uses the same package name and icon as the creature-catching game, making it more difficult for users to differentiate this fake from the real one. The first thing the app does when installed is to ask for Device Admin rights. Activating this administrator will allow the app Pokemon GO to perform the following operations. Other than making it more difficult for users and AV programs to uninstall the app (you have to go through the extra step of removing the app from the Device Admin list), it does not appear to use the