Mobile Menace Monday: Implications of Google Play Protect | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Along with the recent release of Google's new OS, Android 8.0 Oreo, they also released a new security suite known as Google Play Protect. As blogged about in July in Play Protect: Android's new security system is now available, this new suite has been available since mid-May. To reiterate As noted in our July blog, the new Find My Phone does exactly what the name implies. You can also lock the phone remotely, display a message on the phone, call the phone through a browser, or even erase all the data on the phone with this feature. I personally hope this will help alleviate the use of shady monitoring apps. There is also Google's Safe Browsing that stops you before you proceed to an unsafe site via Chrome. This feature has been around for a while. 50 billion apps, oh my! Of most interest is Google's security suite is its new scanning capabilities. Google boasts it can scan 50 billion apps daily, and uses machine learning to weed out the bad stuff. For quite some time, Google has been